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Why We’re Doing This          


People are exploited as long as we trade time for money. Led by greed & fear, we feign dignity through feeling we’re better off than someone else. But, it’s not us vs them. It’s us against ourselves. 

While some “tribes” have challenged this status quo, most remain authoritarian and patriarchal at their core. They may help us to survive, but aren’t we meant for more than that?

It appears so, as more of us turn towards culture & community over material possessions. Yet, we still scoff at new paradigms, trusting systems & leaders who’ve failed us time & time again.

sutl is not the sole solution, but a bridge towards cooperative self-sufficency.


Where we’re born is a complete lottery. So how can we think one is better than another, or should have access other’s don’t? There was no “State” before man, or “nature” before fences. sutl will empower location independence by diversifying what we call home, and who we share it with.

How many years have you paid rent without anything to show for it? Nights/weeks/months stayed at hotels & “homes” where you’re viewed more as a profit driver than a person? 

While it’s easy to blame “them,” fault falls on the system.  And the reality is, it’s only getting worse...

Now, imagine a network of homes where inhabitants are the owners, and equity is earned for every night stayed. Property values still fluctuate with the market, but our purpose goes deeper than profit: to share shelter with our fellow humans, enriching our relationships with eachother and the world.