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The term itself means different things to different people, but all would agree on one core facet: Locational Independence is the ability to live where you want.

In other words, you’re not compelled to live somewhere for work or other commitments.

Location independent does not mean that you’re a digital nomad, or intrepid traveler. But that you can be...if you want.

Cynics will say that only the financially endowed & gainfully employed could attain such freedom. But, that is a fallacy Western society has created to keep us in the race. 

Travel the world and you’ll find that the most free are rarely those with the most money.

Sure, there are some basic needs that must be met; one must find ways to support and sustain. But, we live in a time with more access than ever. The internet, and now remote work, enable us to live and work from wherever we choose.

So, in a sense, locational independence is a shedding of skins. Attachment to physical surroundings and things, replaced by stability and balance from within.

We are location independent as soon as we embrace the understanding that the choice is ours…

Where You live is entirely up to You.